IRV April 2019

IRV April 2019


1. Novel Synthesis of Some Quinoxaline Derivatives 1-3 – Praphulla Kumar Singh and Babu Nand Choudhary

2. Study of Ichthyofauna of Pradhan and Mahasethi Reservoir of Madhubani, Bihar 4-5 – Mini Priyadarshini and Rishikesh Kumar

3. Synthesis and Characterization of Transition metal (II) complexes with Benzoic acid and Hydrazide 6-10 – Farheen Jahan and Dilip Kumar Choudhary

4. Studies on Physico-chemical Characteristics of Hand Pump Water in Samastipur District 11-15 – Rajeev Kumar and B. B. Sandwar

5. mRrj izns’k es a eqfLye jktuhfr dk Hkfo”; 16-20 – lej tgk¡

6. Studies of Synthesis, Characterization and Stability Constants Values of Ni (II) and Cu (II)-Complexes 21-24 – Manis Kumar Jha

7. Study of Contribution of Thermodynamics of BTZ Black Hole 25-27 – Ranjan Prasad and U. S. Choudhary

8. Vibration Effects in Modern Man Machine Environment 28-30 – Kanchan Sinha and Mikky Sinha

9. Marginalized Discourses in the Novel ‘The Chronicle of a Corpse Bearer’ 31-34 – Manohar Kumar Pathak

10. Study of Theoretical Aspects of Reissner-Nordstorm Black Hole 35-37 – Ranjan Prasad and U. S. Choudhary

11. Identity Crisis in Jhumpa Lahiri’s ‘The Namesake’ 38-42 – Nisha Kumari 12. Impact of Prof Hari Mohan Jha’s Short Stories in the Global Context 43-45 – Nishant Shekhar Jha

13. The Question of Plot in Chekhov’s A Work of Art 46-49 – Subodh Narayan Jha

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