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Authors are required to submit the manuscript along with all concerned certificates and documents copyright form, submission form available on the website of the journal.

In case of any queries or additional information, you can write an e-mail to the Editor-in-Chief of the journal at

Keep title less than 120 characters and Times New Roman, 14 Font size

**Corresponding author's e-mail:


These instructions provide you guidelines for preparing papers Bioglobia. Use this document as a template and as an instruction set. Please submit your manuscript by Bioglobia Online Submission Module.

Keywords: about four key words separated by commas and Italic Font.


When you submit your paper print it in one column format, including figures and tables. In addition, designate one author as the “corresponding author”. This is the author to whom proofs of the paper will be sent(Authoret al.,2017). Proofs are sent to the corresponding author only (Author, 2017).


Set your page as A4 size Paper, margins as follows:

  • Left Margin 1 Inch (1.00")
  • Right Margin 1 Inch (1.00")
  • Top Margin – 1 Inch (1.00")
  • Bottom Margin – 1 Inch (1.00")
  • Paragraph writing: spacing before 6 pt, after 6 pt and Line Spacing –Single.

Place illustrations (figures, tables, drawings, and photographs) throughout the paper at the places where they are first discussed in the text, Number illustrations sequentially (but number tables separately). Place the illustration numbers and caption under the illustration in 11pt font. As example follows (Table 1)

Table 1

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Row 1 Figure Figure Figure
Row 1 Figure Figure Figure

And finally the author(s) must have to declare that the views / field survey / scientific observations expressed in the papers articles is / are his / her / their own and the manuscripts(s) has not been published / submitted for publications elsewhere and copyright of manuscript is assigned to Bioglobia.


All articles have been evaluated by the referees & any dispute regarding journal would be decided and entertained by the honourable district Judge of Darbhanga only.

  • In Alphabetical and Numerical Order
  • Author’s name (Last Name First ), Year, Paper name/titles, Journal's name, Volume, No. and Page number

1.   Onwurah, C.O. 2016. Production of weaning food using Sweet Potato (Ipomeabatata) and Soyabeans (Glycine max)Bioglobia, 3( 1 ): 47-51.

2.   2. Shashi, S.B. 2016. Impact of environment and fish diversity in Bagmati river., in Proceedings Book of International Conference of ‘ Recent Trends in Chemical and Environmental Sciences ’, held at BUCD, SavitribaiPhule, Pune, Maharashtra (ISBN:978-81-930345-5-2), p 325-330.